Ocean Friendly Gardens

An Ocean Friendly Garden is a sustainable and ecologically appropriate garden, striving to prevent any water from leaving the property. Dry weather runoff is the biggest non-point source ocean polluter! Runoff is responsible for 80% of the total volume of ocean pollution as it not only carries pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers from yards, it also picks up oil, grease, animal waste and trash along streets and storm drains on its way to the ocean.

Surfrider Foundation came up with the acronym "CPR" to describe the sustainable and ocean friendly garden practices of Conservation, Permeability and Retention.

Conservation - As rain and water is retained in a garden with water wise plants, less water needs to be added to the garden so precious water resources are conserved. Conservation also applies to using less or no fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, compounds and chemicals that greatly damage the ocean ecosystem.

Rain capture

Permeability - the ability of landscapes to hold and allow water to permeate down into the ground. Permeable surfaces prevents runoff.

Retention - means that water is retained on the property instead of flowing down the gutter. It is easy to make swales and infiltration areas to create sponge gardens, mimicking nature and allowing water to slowly infiltrate into the ground.